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Getting Started

Vue Macros is a library that implements proposals or ideas that have not been officially implemented by Vue. That means it will explore and extend more features and syntax sugar to Vue.

We assume you are already familiar with the basic usages of Vue before you continue.


  • Node.js 16.14.0 or higher.
  • Vue >= 2.7 or Vue >= 3.0.
    • Some features need Vue >= 3.2.25.
  • VSCode with the latest Volar extension.
    • ❌ WebStorm is not supported.


🌟 More demos are welcome!

Nuxt Integration

If you're using Nuxt 3, read the Nuxt Integration.

Bundler Integrations

If you're using Vite, Rollup, esbuild, or Webpack, read the Bundler Integration.